Air Filters

Air Filters

Pricing From $26.95 (including fitting)

Every time a vehicle's driver presses the accelerator, they are controlling how much air and fuel enters the engine. The engine air filtration system aids in filtering the air's contaminants and helps to ensure the correct air/fuel mixture.

We offer an air filter replacement service on most makes and models of vehicles (some exceptions may apply due to availability) all over NZ. Change your air filter at our locations in Auckland (Botany Downs & Kingsland), Hamilton (Te Rapa & Killarney Road), Lower Hutt, Napier, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Tauranga, Christchurch (Hornby, Riccarton & Papanui), Dunedin and Invercargill.

See our locations page for the store closest to you and to get a free price estimate for your vehicle.

Benefits of the Air Filter Service
  • Helps maintain proper air to fuel mixture
  • Optimises fuel economy
  • Helps engine run smoother
  • Improves acceleration
  • Protects against harmful particles
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What our technicians will do

  • Visually inspect the engine air filtration system components.
  • Recommend replacement, as necessary.

The engine air filter is typically a paper element that reduces harmful dirt particles from entering the engine’s air intake system where they may cause engine damage.

As engine air filtration components become restricted, airflow is reduced, which could lead to poor acceleration, reduced engine performance, reduced fuel economy, oil leaks as well as other issues.

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