Regular Vehicle Inspection at Oil Changers

July 25th, 2022

Good vehicle care means taking our vehicles in for a check-up. Vehicles need routine checks and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Today’s vehicles may be more reliable than those manufactured 30 or 40 years ago but they still require regular checks to make sure there are no problems that you need to be aware of like badly worn tyres, low engine oil or coolant levels.

Antifreeze—or Coolant as it’s officially known—protects the engine from extreme temperatures (prevents both freezing and overheating) and also prevents any corrosion (rust) forming on the metal components inside your engine and thus is required by the engine year-round. Modern coolants don’t have to be changed as often as they did in the past, but your owner’s manual has a recommendation for when it should be replaced to extend your vehicle’s cooling system life.

If you can’t remember the last time your vehicles Coolant (Antifreeze) was replaced, it may be time to think about calling in to your local Oil Changers store to have your Coolant condition checked or even have it replaced. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing every 5 years or so but never longer than every 10 years or up to 200,000kms distance travelled. Don’t leave it too late as Coolant breaks down if left too long and can lead to blockages in your vehicle’s cooling system and this can lead to overheating problems and possible engine damage.

There is a lot of preventive maintenance involved in properly caring for a vehicle. Dropping in to your local Oil Changers for a quick inspection periodically for a quick oil level and tyre pressure check is all part of good vehicle care. The changes in the seasons can provide a good reminder that it’s time to get the vehicle serviced, just as they remind us that it’s time to take service your heat pump filters, have the chimney swept, purchase school clothes or drag out the winter jackets and coats.

There are other advantages to spring and autumn maintenance. Springtime signals the advent of warmer weather. Although modern coolant is designed to last longer than one season, it’s a good idea to check it regularly to ensure you have enough. While you’re at it, your vehicle should also be checked for leaks and worn hoses in the cooling system.

Summer is the time when most of us go on holiday or go on road trips. So a spring check-up for our vehicles can lead to a stress-free summer and better memories on the road.

Autumn, of course, signals the advent of colder weather. This is a good time for a routine battery check and checking the condition of your windscreen wiper blades. The hot weather of summer takes a toll on battery life and the rubber wiper blades – then comes winter. Cranking up a cold engine takes a lot more battery power than starting a warm one. So before that cold weather hits, it’s a good idea to check your battery and condition of your wiper blades and replace them if necessary.

A free check-up at Oil Changers, can keep you on the road no matter what the weather brings. Consider how much a worry-free summer vacation and a less stressful winter commute are worth to you. Then, spring and autumn, reset your clocks, change the batteries in your smoke detectors and take your vehicle in for a check-up.

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