How Does Oil Changers Know What to Recommend for your car?

February 15th, 2018

When you drop your vehicle off at Oil Changers they don’t just poke around under your hood looking for stuff to do. The friendly technicians at Oil Changers have lists and procedures they follow for different types of services. First of all they will note the mileage on your vehicle. They’ll then check to see what inspections and services the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for a vehicle of your make, model and mileage. If you are a regular customer, they will also check your vehicle’s service history.

If the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations go beyond the services you’ve ordered, they’ll let you know. They’ll also indicate whether those services are urgent or if you can wait a while to take care of them. They won’t do work that you don’t agree to.

They will, however, perform inspections while they’re servicing your car. They’ll check belts, filters and fluids. They’ll check your windshield wipers for wear. They’ll let you know if there’s an urgent problem that needs taken care of, and they’ll give you a heads-up about problems that might be developing and where to go to get them taken care of.

You can think of it like a trip to the dentist for a check-up. The dentist will check if you’ve had x-rays recently. If not, he’ll get your permission to take new ones. Then the hygienist will clean your teeth and check your gums. At the end, the dentist comes in and inspects your teeth. You’ll be told if you need any work done, about problems that are developing, and if anything is urgent. You’ll be given different care options and recommendations on where to get work done that is beyond your dentist’s usual purview. Then you’ll be sent to the front desk for appointments and paperwork.

These procedures make sure your teeth are in good working order and that you are informed of any problems. Then you can make a decision as to what work you want done and when. Oil Changers operates in much the same way. They want drivers to be able to make informed decisions about their car care.

Preventive vehicle maintenance is a lot like dental check-ups. Small problems can quickly develop into big ones. A cavity becomes a root canal. A dirty filter becomes engine damage. Skipping check-ups for either your teeth or your vehicle can lead to repairs.

Oil Changers follows industry guidelines. A part is replaced only if it can no longer perform its function, no longer meets its design specifications or is missing – or if you ask. Your Oil Changers service advisor will recommend a part be replaced if it is showing signs that it will soon fail.

The next time you’re heading to the dentist or doctor’s office, think about the car you drove there in. Is it time for it to get a check-up, too?

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