Coolant Exchange Service

Coolant Exchange Service

Pricing From $99.95

The purpose of coolant is to control the temperatures of fluids and various engine parts in all weather conditions. It is a special fluid with additives, because it needs to remain liquid at very low temperatures (below 0°C), but must not evaporate at very high-temperatures (above 100°C). It also needs to have anti-corrosive properties in order to protect the metallic surfaces of the engine's various parts.

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Benefits of a Coolant Service
  • Helps prolong engine life
  • Prevents corrosion of cooling system
  • Provides lubrication of water pump seals
  • Prevents freezing and overheating
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What our technicians will do

  • Drain existing coolant from system
  • Ensure all air is expelled from cooling system
  • Refill cooling system with an extended life coolant (Extended life coolant should last up to 5 years or 100,000 km)


As it ages, coolant picks up corrosion and different deposits created in the engine and, as a result, it can become acidic. That acidic fluid along with the dissimilar metals used in the cooling system can actually create a sort of crude battery. The resulting electrical charge in that acidic fluid can then accelerate corrosion of the different component parts of the system and also adversely affect the electronic engine controls.

Replacing the engine coolant as a part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals is vital to your vehicle’s reliability and longevity. New coolant has a non-acidic, non-corrosive PH level that will not destroy your cooling system components. Using the proper coolant at the proper mixture will help keep your engine from overheating and can prevent it from freezing during cold weather.