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Satisfied Customers

Just a note to say thank you to all the staff of Oil Changers for their work over the preceding months. Since coming onboard with you my ’nurses’ have been full of praise for you all. The speed with which they now get their cars serviced is of immense joy to them as they no longer have to put up with swapping all their gear into a loaner car and then doing the opposite in the afternoon. The courtesy and respect that is shown to them is of great delight to me, and as far as I am aware the only complaint that I have received of your work ethics is that they don't have enough time to drink their coffee. The cost of your service has allowed me, as the Fleet Manager, to present to the board a much prettier picture as to the vehicle maintenance costings.

Many thanks Brett, hopefully our association will be a long and happy one.

Kindest regards
Kevin McEntee
Fleet Manager, Nurse Maude.

From Kevin McEntee

I used to do my own oil changes on our Landcruiser. What a pain getting rid of 10 litres of waste oil all the time! I was surprised that ’Oil Changers’ could change my oil, grease the drive chain, check differential and transfer case levels, cheaper than I could do myself. And I don’t even get my hands dirty. They even use the best quality Japanese Sakura filters. The free oil check and top up service is great. I recommend Oil Changers to all motorists.

Brian Haybittle

From Kelly & Brian Haybittle

We have been using Oil Changers for 5 years now, for all our company and personal vehicles. They have always been prompt, polite, efficient and we always feel welcome there. Being able to just drive in, when it suits ME and to be gone within 10 minutes is wonderful as I can’t afford to have my vehicles off the road and with varying times and workloads it is nice to go when I can. Also, the fact they are so much cheaper than main stream garages saves me a fortune.

Thanks for a great service !!!

Mark & Jo,
North Canterbury Shuttles

From Mark & Jo, North Canterbury Shuttles


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